Bing Now Testing Tweets In Search Results

Just yesterday Microsoft announced that they have begun testing tweets in Bing search results. The testing was discovered Monday morning by SEO expert Ruben Gomez who shared screenshots showing the new twitter carousel box that will appear in Bing search results. You can enable the experiment on your own browser to see for yourself.

Bing is using a carousel box similar to the one Google uses to display tweets in search results. Google has been displaying tweets in search results for some time. Back in August of 2015 Google expanded displaying twitter content or tweets in Google desktop search results and had begun showing tweets in mobile search results as far back as May, now it is Bings turn.

But this isn’t the first time Microsoft and Twitter have partnered up to include tweets in Bing search results. Back in 2014, the pair updated their agreement to include new features which allow users to quickly find trending hashtags, specific twitter profiles, and latest tweets. And now it has been announced that Bing will be testing tweets in search results. Although both companies have yet to officially share more details about this new experiment, a Microsoft spokesperson did announce “We’re constantly updating and refining the Bing search experience. We will share more information when available”.

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