Bing Launches Keyword Planner

Bing recently launched its new keyword planner tool. Bing Ads piloted the keyword planner in March and July of this year and began rolling out some accounts in August. Bing announced the launch of its keyword planner in US accounts on Tuesday.

Bing’s new keyword  planner offers a list of features to help when it comes to exploring new keyword ideas, targeting and filtering keywords and finding profitable bids. The keyword planner offers bid and budget estimating as well as suggest new keywords and ad groups based on terms that are relevant to you. Bing keyword planner will also show you average monthly search volume trends and relative competition and suggested bids.

The Bing keyword planner will refine and filter keyword suggestion by location and network targeting keywords to include or exclude. You can even see your search volume breakdown by device or location. Breakdowns by locations to state, DMA, or city are shown in a visual chart at the top of the data table.

Bing features multiplying keyword lists to generate new keyword combinations. You will also be able to add or upload previous keywords to see how popular they have been or group them into ad groups. You can get performance and cost estimations based on budget inputs, which are tailored specifically to the account you are working on. After finding the keywords, you can then decide to add them to an existing campaign or use them for a new campaign.

The update addresses the former limitations of Bing Ads keyword tools and brings Bing Ads into line with Google’s AdWords.

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