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Bing Is Releasing a Story Behind the Bing Image of the Day

Have you noticed the unique images Bing chooses for its homepage every single day? Previously, there was no explanation of why Bing would choose the image to post on their homepage. However, users can scroll down to the bottom of the page to read the story.

The new section will have a short story behind each picture in addition to quick facts, quizzes, and a mini map of the picture’s location.

You may also have the option to share, like, or download the image as a wallpaper on your computer.

Bing Homepage

The Guoliang Tunnel of China was chosen as today’s home image and a brief description was displayed. 

As you continue down the page, there is a gallery of past home images and when you click on them, it will redirect you to a page of stories behind these used photos.

Bing Screenshots


The new update first rolled out in the United States, but Bing has announced that eight more countries (United Kingdom, Japan, Brazil, India, Australia, Germany, France, and Canada) will follow by the end of May.

Bing also has announced a wave of updates are coming to Bing this year that will improve the user experience on Bing and we should wait and see what Bing has to offer.

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