Bing Introduces Structured Snippets in Text Ads

Bing has been hard at work this week, earlier implementing bulk edits into their ios app. Then later in the week, on September 14th, Bing announced the arrival of Structured Snippets into their text ads. Structured Snippets, which are prominently featured in many businesses’ Google AdWords text ads, are short descriptions that complement ads by providing context and selling points to entice the buyer. Businesses may decide to highlight different types or styles of products that they sell.

On AdWords, Google offers advertisers the following headers to preface their structured snippets:

  • Amenities
  • Shows
  • Courses
  • Types
  • Insurance coverage
  • Product type
  • Brands
  • Service catalog
  • Styles

With Bing, they will require users to feature at least three different structured snippets in their ads. Depending on the amount of available space in the ad, advertisers can feature up to 10, with campaigns and ad groups having the ability to feature up to 20 throughout all of their ads. Because these structured snippets aren’t hyperlinked, it’s important to use them purely as complementary to the ad, making it unnecessary to repeat information in snippets that are already provided in the ad description.

While Bing’s structured snippets are now available in the United States, they will be arriving internationally in the coming weeks. Like AdWords, Bing cannot guarantee that they will feature an ad’s structured snippets, especially if the structured snippets aren’t up to par with what Bing expects.


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