Bing Finally Releases Ads Editor Beta for Mac Users

Attention Mac user, Bing has finally released an Ad editor compatible with Mac’s IOS.  They announced last November that Bing Ads had begun work on a Mac version that would be ready for advertisers by summer 2016.

Bing released their “Bing Ads Editor beta “to a select customer base” a while back and on Wednesday they announced the release the beta to the public at SMX Advanced in Seattle. Currently, the Bing Ads Editor for Mac is available for US Customers only but by the end of summer, it will be available worldwide.  The Mac version will be similar to the Bing Adwords Editor 11, which they redesigned earlier that month.

This release of their beta marks a milestone for Bing’s engineering priorities that has seen a lot of backlash over the past year for neglecting Mac users. Bing has finally realized the amount of business that they were missing out on from ignoring Mac users.

Using Bing Ads for your business can help you reach an audience of 516 million unique searchers worldwide on the massive Yahoo Bing Network. Many companies forget that Yahoo renewed its search partnership with Microsoft Bing Ads’ last year and with the combined search network, it no surprise why the Bing Ads Editor for Mac was pushed by users so much.

Signing up for the beta 

If you want to sign up for the new Bing Ads of Mac beta, you will need to fill out a survey about your Bing Ad account to make sure that the user experience is the best it can be. Once you  fill out the survey, you will be added to a list of users that Bing will send out an invitation to.  The email will have the Bing Ads Editor for Mac attached to download.

Link to Beta

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