Bing Discontinues Ads Express Service

Microsoft announced its plan to continue its Bing Ads Express service today, releasing an official statement that cited July 30, 2014 as the official end date. The service currently allows busy small business owners, mainly those who rely on local customers, to streamline their paid ads across Bing and its partner sites, such as Yahoo!

Comparable to Google AdWords, all one needs to do to get started is specify which locations to target, write the ad copy, determine a budget, and Bing will handle the rest. Bing designed the service with the realization that small business owners don’t have a ton of time on their hands to work on their paid ad strategy.

While the statement does not explicitly explain why Microsoft is discontinuing the service, the bottom line is that customers will have until July 30th to re-work their paid ad strategy on Bing. Another important takeaway from Microsoft’s statement is that customers who are new to Bing Ads should pause their Bing Ads Express ads to “avoid running duplicate ads and being double billed.”

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