Bing Announces Updates to Ad Campaign Planner Tool

Bing has announced a few updates to its paid ad Campaign Planner Tool, which was released this past September. The update adds additional insights and features to the “Industry Vertical & Product Trends” section.

This section provides users with industry and product-specific search volume data. For example, within the Apparel vertical, users can drilldown into the Jewelry category to see the search volume of jewelry-related terms.

The update allow campaign managers can further filter the data to view search volume data by device, location, and average CPC for particular keywords.

Within the “Keyword” tab, users are now able to view the top keywords in a given industry. The “Competition” tab offers campaign managers with data on up to 20 domains.

Additionally, the update allows users to view seasonal data within the Holidays & Seasonal section. Such data is particularly useful for seasonal businesses, or e-commerce websites during holiday shopping seasons.

The update is likely an attempt to stay on par with the leading SEM platform, Google Adwords.

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