Bing Announces Ad Campaign Planner

Bing has announced the arrival of Campaign Planner, a supplemental resource for planning and managing paid ad campaigns.

Much like Google’s AdWords, Campaign Manager will bring Bing Ads users a variety of useful info, including search traffic trending and forecasting data, industry benchmarks and competitor performance, and keyword suggestions.

One important caveat is that data can be drilled down within different verticals to find the desired information.

For example, the “Apparel” vertical can be broken down into numerous subcategories, including “Men’s Clothing” and “Women’s Clothing”, as well as “Boys Clothing” and “Girls Clothing”.

Within those subcategories, users can find the search volume for certain keywords, the average cost per click, and other insights on specific types of apparel. Similar to AdWords’ Keyword Planner, Bing Ads users can get keyword suggestions based on search terms input by the user.

Additional information that Campaign Planner provides includes a breakdown of keyword search volume by device (desktop, mobile, tablet), best position CPC, top of page CPC, and sidebar CPC. Users can also add keywords to their “favorites” to quickly access the data in the future.

Campaign Planner also gives users access to the top ten advertisers within a given product or category (i.e. Women Jackets & Coats) in the “Competition” tab.

The decision to roll out Campaign Planners seems to be an attempt to stay on par with the Google AdWords and its interface. Bing Ads users will certainly benefit from the data and insight that Campaign Planner affords, and should be able to better plan their paid search campaigns.

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