Bing Ads to Exclusively Serve Verizon Media Search Engines Starting In March

Search engine ads are an important part of the puzzle when it comes to increasing your business’s online visibility.  They help drive traffic to your website by appearing before your competitors’ organic search results in the search engine result pages (SERPs). In fact, Google Research recently completed a study showing that 89% of the search engine traffic generated by ads is not replaced by organic clicks when the ads are paused. Therefore, it is crucial to use the pay per click tools to your advantage in order to increase your business’s chance of being found online.  When it comes to pay-per-click ad services, the first one that comes to most peoples’ minds is Google Adwords, which is the standard of the industry due to the fact that Google holds such a large share of the search engine market. However, Bing Ads has long been competitive in the pay-per-click field, and this latest update will make Bing Ads even more effective for those who advertise on the Microsoft platform.

Bing Ads + AOL

Bing Ads have been solidifying their partnership with the Verizon Media search engines in recent years, including Yahoo and AOL, with the partnership escalating significantly in 2015 when Microsoft announced they would be taking over AOL’s ad services from Google and would be providing 51% of Yahoo’s pay-per-click ad results.  However, yesterday, Bing Ad’s and Verizon renewed and intensified their partnership, with Bing Ads now serving as the exclusive search-ad provider on Verizon Media search engines.  With the roll-out beginning soon and becoming fully incorporated by the end of March, soon advertisers will be able to control ads on Bing, Yahoo, and AOL all from the Bing Ads platform.

Why Bing Ads are Important

Considering Bing and Yahoo search engines comprise approximately 32% of the search engine market share, it is essential to use Bing Ads as a tool if you are trying to become as visible as possible online. While Google certainly holds the majority of the market share, Bing Ads should not be overlooked as an advertising platform considering nearly one-third of all internet users search through the engines they serve.

Microsoft officials are also confident that this partnership will help increase the ad revenue from Bing Ads.  They have estimated that the improved partnership could increase clicks in the Bing Ads marketplace by as much as 10-15%.  If you are currently running ads through the Bing Ads marketplace, you will likely need to slightly increase your budget to meet the increase in demand from the partnership.

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