Bing Ads Removing Monthly Budget Option

Starting this month, Bing Ads has decided to eliminate its monthly budget feature in favor of its new “Daily Accelerated” budget delivery method. This move will automatically adjust any advertisers’ monthly budget for their Bing Ads into its new method.

If your Bing Ads run on a $2,000/month budget, unless you’ve proactively fixed the budget yourself, it will now be running at $65.79/day budget ($2,000/30.4). This is problematic for advertisers who only run ads on certain days of the week. For example, if you’re advertising for an urgent care center that’s only open weekdays, this move will result in your ads appearing on days that the urgent care center is closed. Even if your Bing ads had an automated feature to ensure this didn’t happen before, these settings won’t migrate to the new format.

This move won’t affect campaigns running on shared budgets, as any campaign that was operating on a shared budget before, was running on a daily budget, regardless.

While the ads will default to the “accelerated” delivery method, which runs ads aggressively as soon as they begin running, advertisers still have the option to set their campaigns to the “standard” delivery method.

This move stands as yet another example of Bing Ads further resembling Google AdWords, which does not offer a monthly budget feature either. Although Bing only accounts for approximately 20% of searches, most PPC advertisers must still run Bing Ads to capture this share of the market.

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