Bing Ads Now Longer Allows Ads from Third-Party Tech Support Services

In a blog post in May, Liz Walsh, announced that Microsoft’s Bing Ad‘s will no longer accept advertising from third-party tech support companies. The blog post stated,

“Bing Ads disallows the promotion of third party online technical support services to consumers because of serious quality issues that can impact end user safety.”

A report from Bing came out earlier this month stating that Bing had rejected more than 15 million ads and 25,000 sites for third-party tech support scams. These ads usually disguise themselves to look like actual tech companies, trying to get customers and online users to call for any type of support. Once they have the consumer on the phone, they convince the caller that his or her computer is infected with malware, encouraging them to a large fee for a problem that does not exist.

The policy clearly states:

“Advertisers must not claim to provide a service that can only be provided by the actual owner of the products or service advertised.”

This announcement was reported shortly after Google stated that they are banning ads for payday and high-interest loans.

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