Bing Ads No Longer Use Phone Numbers in PPC

Bing has announced a change similar to Google that it will stop allowing advertisers to add phone numbers in their AdWords ad copy. Phone numbers will only be allowed through Call and Local Extensions.  The ad, title, body and URL and other extensions will no longer feature phone numbers in plain text this includes Sitelink Extensions.

When will this new change go into effect?

For new campaigns this change will go into effect starting in February 2015 for the United States, UK, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Other markets will soon follow

What to do with ad campaigns with existing phone numbers?

Any ads with existing phone numbers will be allowed to run until June 2015, as long as there is no edits or any other changes to the ad. Begin to practice using local and call extensions ahead of time once the new change in February comes along will be beneficial.

Read more here.

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