Bing Ads Experiences Reporting Outage

Since this past Saturday, Bing Ads engineers have been trying to fix a reporting problem that has been affecting their system. Some customers have reported missing data and according to Bing Ads, their reporting was delayed by 43 hours and counting. For status updates and incident reports, a Microsoft representative announced to check Bing Ads Platform Health Blog; they are working to fix the delays on Bing Ads.

Issues that some customers are facing on Bing Ads is the lack of flow from performance data. Also, components of the platform such as the Bing Editor, Mobile Apps or the API are affected. This leaves advertisers with no visibility of their campaign performances including clicks, conversions, and spends. Bing Ads noted that their Bing Shopping catalog processing is behind about two days as well. The company isn’t sure what is causing the problem but the Bing Ads engineer team are now making processing improvements in their systems. While there is no set timeline for the fix to be finished, the data isn’t lost and will eventually show once Bing Ads fixes the problem. To see if Bing Ads are right for your business, check out our other blog post or contact Boston Web Marketing for more details.

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