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Bing Ads Device Bidding

Bing announced today on their blog that expanded device targeting will be available soon. Prior to this change, Bing Ads was a bit more controlling with a tablet bid adjustment on a desktop that could range from -20 percent to +300 percent.  This new device targeting will now allow advertisers to be more in control in selecting an audience targeting strategy. This will open up individual bid adjustments by specific devices, like PC, Tablet, and mobile.

This changed came after Bing asked for suggestions on how can they improve Bing Ads to create a better experience. Bing Ads stated on their blog:

“We’ve heard your feedback about device targeting!”

Bing Ads will be expanding the range to +900% for PC, Tablet, and Mobile and also allowing to ultimately opt out (set to -100%) from displaying ads on Tablet and Mobile. Google started allowing customers to set base bids for any device and set bid adjustments for mobile, tablet, and desktop. This gives users the opportunity to select which device is most important for their campaign.

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