Bings New Ad Extensions

Bing, Google’s main competitor in the Search Engine space, just released an update regarding their Ad Extension capabilities. While Google continues to drive the majority of the searches over the web, Bing has been slowly chipping away and gaining market share. If you’re a small to medium size business, it may not be worth spending money here but for larger business with queries for their business entering the 10’s of thousands a month, not working within Bing could be a big missed opportunity. We wanted to write a blog on the updates and what you should know moving forward.

Paid Ad’s Basic’s

If you are not familiar with Pay Per Click ads through search engines, visit our PPC page or read this blog for a more in-depth explanation. Simply put, creating an Ad requires providing copy that adheres to the Search engines Ad best practices, a landing page that users will be brought to after clicking the ad, and lastly, a bid on how much you are willing to pay for each click. The goal for Ads is to have a user complete a conversion utilizing a call to action. Conversions can range from a person clicking a phone number to filling out a contact form. If the goal of your ad campaign is to drive brand awareness, simply driving users to your site could be a conversion. What you define as a conversion depends on the goal of your Ad.

Bings New Call to Action Extensions

A Call to Action prompts users to do something with the Ad. In addition to the link for the landing page, Google and Bing allow Ads to have something called Ad or Action Extensions. These are separate links that allow users to complete an action. If you have ever seen an Ad on Bing or Google, they sometimes have a clickable phone number, reviews link, or even directions underneath the said Ad.

Bing added 70, pre-defined calls to action for their paid Ad users. These are industry-specific and have a wide variety. Data reveals that Ads with extensions tend to perform much better with an increased Click through Rate of nearly 20%. In addition to the new variety of Ad extensions, they are also available in the languages the search engine supports. If your business is global and you notice traffic coming from Bing, Bing Ads with Extensions may be a viable option to grow your business online.

Boston Web Marketing: PPC Experts

If you have questions regarding Bings new Ad Extensions, Google Paid ads, or even the basics of how we ensure our ads convert to leads, give us a call today!

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