Best Ways to Prepare for Holiday Shoppers

With the holiday season approaching quickly, you may be looking at your marketing campaigns to decide how to get the best ROI for all of your clients. Many consumers are beginning their holiday shopping this month, and you will want to be sure that you are ahead of the trends.

To make the most from your holiday campaigns, follow these quick tips!

  1. Think of your success as the sum of its parts. People utilize different channels to make purchases, and the best customer experience involves consistency on each of these parts. Be sure to check out the competition!
  2. After you have researched each channel, it is now time to put your knowledge to use! Get your remarketing campaigns going, and optimize each campaign for where people are searching and for what. Update your site links to provide the customer with the ultimate experience, and highly relevant landing pages.
  3. Optimize everything for mobile. Mobile is becoming a large part of shopping, especially around the holidays. In a study done by the National Retail Federation last year, they reported that over half of purchases during the holidays were done on mobile devices. To place further emphasis on mobile search and purchases, Bing conducted a study in which they found 46% of searches were done on mobile phones and at certain times. Make sure that all of your campaigns are mobile friendly and are visible on weekends.
  4. Use promotions, discounts and offers in your shopping campaigns. Free shipping is a bonus during the holidays; advertise this for the edge above your competitors.
  5. Use your budget. Be prepared to watch your budget and change it as necessary. You should be very aware of your available spend for these months, as this will help you stay on budget, and head toward success.
  6. Prepare your campaigns early. Don’t wait until the week of to start building out campaigns for your businesses. Know the dates of each holiday, and be sure to have the campaigns ready to start at the right times. Review any past holiday campaigns; this way you aren’t searching around for data during one of the most hectic times of the year.

To summarize, just be prepared for the holiday season in advertising and marketing. Be sure to do your research, and edit your campaigns accordingly. With all of these tools, you will see your best holiday revenues yet.

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