Best Ways to Collect Email Addresses for Your Newsletter

Email Marketing is a great addition to any current and future marketing campaign regardless of your industry, size or product. It keeps customers up to date with news and services your business has to offer while not requiring a huge budget to maintain. It’s important to tailor your newsletter to your audience, but if there is nobody to send the email to, even a well-crafted email newsletter will be useless. Follow these best practices in order to effectively and efficiently collect email addresses from your customers or potential leads.

  1. On the main navigation bar of your website, make sure to include a link to sign up for the newsletter.
  2. Create a newsletter signup as the call-to-action button on your Facebook page.
  3. Create eye-catching visuals and graphics on social media to encourage people to sign up for the newsletter.
  4. Attend exhibitions, trade show or networking events that are related to your company and prepare a newsletter signup form.
  5. Include the link to your business newsletter signup form in your personal email signature.
  6. Set up a newsletter signup form at your business reception so visiting customers can sign up for future news and information.
  7. Organize your own events and invite guests to join the newsletter list.
  8. Offer “Newsletter Only” discounts and mention this on the signup form as well as social media channels.
  9. Include a call-to-action, a signup form along with the link at the end of every blog you write.
  10. Use a pop-up overlay.

With these 10 best practices, your email newsletter list will grow quickly in no time. With that in mind, always make sure your newsletters capture your readers’ attention for high open-rate!

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