What is the Best Way to Organize your Google Ads Campaign?

From having zero visibility and little-to-no budget, you did the time and fed the SEO beast with your patience and determination. Now, you have worked your way up to the first page of the search results and people are discovering your business. With a small budget for more digital marketing campaigns, you head on to Google and see that there is another way for people to see your business. You go on to Google Ads to learn more and see what the best type is suited for your business.

Google Ads is a perfect channel to drive traffic to your business. With a small budget, you can build campaigns to be as specific as possible or to capture the attention of more people. Read more below on how you can simplify campaigns for your business.

Where do I start?

  1. First thing to do is to set up a Google Ads Account. Before you can even do anything in this platform, you are going to need to sign up!
  2. Before you continue, take a step back and look into your business structure. What kind of products or services do you offer and how different are they?

This is the step where you choose your campaign type and to be as efficient as possible, you should different your campaigns by product/ service, so you can easily examine them later on. This also allows you to segment the campaigns for specific devices you think your users are on.

  1. Next thing to decide on is Ad Groups. For Ad Groups, you can be more specific on how you want to group them. It is best to segment them by keywords. Using this method, you can easily replace low-ranking keywords with more efficient high-ranking keywords further down the process.

What does this mean?

A good way to look at this is if you have a business that sells shoes, you might want to organize them by:

Campaign: (1) Men’s and (2) Women’s

Ad Groups: (Running Shoes) (Tennis Shoes) (Basketball Shoes) (Training Shoes)

Keywords: Specific Keywords associated in each ad group.

Boston Web Marketing offers Google Ads Management services that are designed to help your business come up with cost-effective Google Ads campaigns. Our team of experts are all Google Ads Certified and follow Google’s best practices in creating and setting up ads. We provide a full management service from campaign set up to daily monitoring of the campaign, even providing full reports on an ongoing basis.

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