Best SEO Practices You Should Be Following in 2020

Search engine optimization is constantly changing as Google changes their algorithms and search engines continue to get more intelligent. This means that practices that once worked may not be as relevant as they once were, and it is important to keep up to date on the latest practices. With that being said, let’s take a look at a few of the most important practices to follow this year!

Google BERT

One of the most important updates that has happened this year is the unveiling of Google’s BERT update. In fact, this update has been so major that data has shown it’s affecting 1 in every 10 google searches.

The purpose of the update was to help Google better understand search queries by teaching it more conversational search terms. This update has made the adage “Write for people, not search engines” even more true!

Focus on Quality Content, Not Longer Content

Another thing to keep in mind is that longer content doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s better content. It is a commonly held belief that writing longer content will always help your site rank better, but the truth of the matter is that you should focus on writing content for users. Don’t get too caught up on word count. Quality content means different things for different subjects. Focus on answering any questions may have about the topic rather than rambling for the sake of your word count.

Interlink Your Site

Another important thing you should be doing on your site is making sure you include internal links. Internal links are any links that you include on your pages which leads to other sections of your site. They help visitors navigate through your site without having to go back-and-forth through the site to find the section they’re looking for. They also help give your site a boost in rankings as links are one of the primary factors that Google uses to help rank sites in the SERP’s.


While schema isn’t a ranking factor for your site, it plays an important role in your SEO, as it helps relay important information about your website and business to Google, which can potentially populate onto the SERP’s. If you’ve ever searched a question on Google, and found that you can click on a small drop down to find the answer to a question without clicking on a website, that was likely FAQ schema which provided you with that information. Having schema installed on your site can help show your expertise and authority to users searching for answers, which can lead them to your site. Having schema is a great way to help give your website an edge over the competition, even if it doesn’t have a direct effect on your site’s rankings.

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