Best Practices for eCommerce

If your website sells products or services of any kind, it is important to understand how to optimize your User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX) to create the best and clearest connection with any potential customer. Here are some quick tips on how to optimize your website to increase eCommerce sales and conversions, as well as build lasting relationships with customers so they keep on coming back for more.


1. Use great visuals to build an emotional connection between the customer and your product.

Use your taste and design skills to choose a compelling image to use above the fold of your website, before the user has to scroll down. Artwork that offers compelling imagery that frames your product well or shows someone enjoying your product can prove to be a real asset in helping your customers understand the value your product can offer them. As your pages approach checkout, reduce the size of the images and increase the prominence of the information about your product that can give customers good reasons lock in the sale.

2. Your value propositions belong near, but not below, your calls to action.

Value propositions like “10% off”, offers of free shipping, or other indicators that your service is a great deal belong in the vicinity of good calls to action like “See our stock”, “Check out now”, or signing up for a mailing list. This intuitively allows for the customer to be motivated to connect with your products and view them with great value.

3. Use care with your email capture methods.

Customers who enter their email offer you the opportunity to continue to market your products and services to them over a longer period of time. A common pitfall with email capture methods is to use popup modal boxes before offering value or letting the customer build an emotional connection with the product. Instead, we recommend that you use a sign up box in a prominent but unobtrusive position, and best practice is to offer something in exchange for the email — start the relationship off on the right foot and enter a mutually beneficial relationship with the customer that offers benefits for both sides.


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