Best Practices for Creating a Facebook Event

Did you know that there are currently one billion active users on Facebook throughout the world? This makes Facebook the number one social media platform for your business, large or small, to be on. By optimizing your businesses’ Facebook page, not only are you enhancing your local brand awareness, but you are also connecting and engaging with your followers on a personal level. It can’t always be strictly business, right?

If you are looking for new ideas to connect with your audience, try setting up a Facebook event! A great Facebook event provides people with information to discover your event through friends, their News Feeds and event recommendations. Statistics prove that 60% of connections to public events happen on News Feed, so we are here to provide you with the best practices in creating and promoting a Facebook event for your business.

  1. Select an appropriate cover photo that best represents your event. This is the photo that Facebook users will see in their news feed, so you make sure that it captures their attention.
  2. The name of your event should be short and right to the point of what the event is. News Feed tends to cut off any titles that are too long, especially on mobile devices, so it is important that you have all of the important information right in the beginning of your event name.
  3. Your description of the event is where you can put in all the information that you couldn’t with your title. Fun tip: You can use hash tags and mentions in the description, so people can participate in the buzz around the event and find out more by searching the artists or performers on Facebook.
  4. Spread the word! Here are some of the Facebook tools you can use to help promote your event: Events tab, Share button, Invite your followers, Boost the post, etc.

It is important as a business owner to not only do business with your customers, but to also engage with them. If you are hosting an event at your store or will be sponsoring a booth at a local event in town, create an event and encourage your followers to spread the word!

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