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Best Email Marketing Practices

When used correctly, email marketing can be an excellent tool to help put a face to your company, drive traffic to your site, and increase overall customer engagement. There are various practices with email marketing that can either help or hurt your marketing campaign.

Make it Easy

Whether your objective is to have clients call, visit your site, or check out a specific page, you should make it as easy as possible for them to do so. This might mean adding a click to call button or including a link leading to the page you want them to visit.

Grab Them With the Subject Line

One of the best ways to increase your open rate & get people to see your content is to grab their attention in the subject line. To do this, you might make your subject a question they will want to know the answer to, an announcement, or something with similar urgency.

Don’t Be Annoying

Sending too many emails will result in clients unsubscribing from your list or flagging your emails as spam. Creating a content calendar and scheduling in advance will help your email campaign stay organized and avoid over or under sending.

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