Benefits Of Using New Demographics Ads Tab for Google Adwords.

Google Adwords recently launched a new demographics targeting tab last month but has made it easier to visualize your ads. The demographics charts tab will help reach people of specific demographics; you will be able to reach customers who are likely to be within the demographic of your choosing. It can show demographic performance and reach for ads running on your Google Display Network.  This new tab group can show visual insights on age, parental status, gender for campaigns that run on display network and retargeting campaigns.


This new demographic targeting tab brings great opportunities for businesses to better segment your campaigns. This will also be a great benefit for advertisers to use this date to find a new demographic niche to reach. You are able to view your demographic reach in charts by impressions, clicks or conversions with the drop down menu. Using these insights can also be using when it comes to bidding with the target and inform your ad copy targeting different demographic groups. You can combine your demographic targeting with any targeting strategy on your display network.

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