Benefits of Using a Email Marketing Newsletter

While there are many content marketing strategies available for businesses to choose from, email marketing newsletters continue to rise in popularity. Email marketing newsletters provide a convenient way for businesses to stay in touch with current customers and potentially reach out to new ones. Below, we will explain five common benefits of using an email marketing newsletter for your business.

1. Increased Business Exposure

There are over a billion email addresses in the world with the majority of users checking their emails on a daily basis. While a business email newsletter will not be sent out to a billion email addresses, businesses can share the email newsletter with hundreds or thousands of users. From there, users have the opportunity to learn more about the business.

2. Promotions and Offerings

If you have a business that regularly runs special promotions and offers, an email newsletter is a great way to communicate that to users. Through email newsletters, users can learn about deals they otherwise would not have known about.

3. Customizability

There is no shortage of design options when it comes to creating email newsletters. Email newsletters are highly customizable and offer unlimited creativity.

4. Cost-Effective

While using an email marketing newsletter campaign is not free, it is generally a low-cost option to market your business. With an email mailing list consisting of many users already interested  or loyal to your business, the return on investment with email marketing newsletters can be quite rewarding.

5. Instant Feedback

Last but certainly not least, an email marketing newsletter can provide feedback and data to businesses quite quickly. Shortly after an email marketing newsletter is sent out, businesses can see how many users opened it, and what they clicked on. Not every form of online marketing allows businesses to see how their marketing campaign is doing the way email newsletters can.

How Often Should I Send Out an Email Newsletter, and When Should I Send it?

It is recommended that businesses aim to send one to two email marketing newsletters a month. Sending out a newsletter too frequently can cause users to unsubscribe from receiving emails from your company. In terms of when to send out an email newsletter, it is advised to send it out at a time when your business is readily available. So, if your business is closed on the weekends, it is best not to send it out on the weekends.

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