Benefits of Google Search Console for Businesses

Google Search Console is a service provided by Google that allows marketing professionals to monitor overall site health and performance, all relative to Google search. It provides metrics related to search performance and user experience, which can help you improve your overall rankings on Google. The search console provides valuable metrics and a way for Google to communicate when an issue arises – such as security, page quality, 404 errors, etc. Before exploring the benefits of Google Search Console, if you’ve yet to link your website with this platform, our team at Boston Web Marketing can help you get everything set up and tracked correctly. 


Enhances Organic Visibility 

Google Search Console can assist in monitoring and enhancing organic visibility on Google. Organic visibility is about how visible your website is on the search results page of any search engine. The search console shows you various metrics, like clicks year-over-year and internal link audits, which can help you learn what is and is not working on the website and subsequently fix any issues. Using Google Search Console as a monitoring device can help you improve things you may not have known were issues. 


Understand Keyword Performance

The top queries feature is one of the more frequently used features of Google Search Console. This tab will show you different keyword queries that your website is showing up for on the search results page. This allows you to sort and filter top queries by clicks, impressions, and position on the results page. It will give you some genuine insight into the keywords that your website is and is not ranking for, in addition to what is driving performance to your website. 


Gain Insights on Page Indexing 

Another great way to utilize Google Search Console is through the page indexing feature. Are you curious about what pages on your website are and are not being indexed on Google? Under the “Page Indexing” tab of GSC, you’ll see a breakdown of any pages on your site that could be one of the following:  

  • Crawled but not currently not indexed
  • Discovered but currently not indexed
  • Excluded by a ‘no index’ tag
  • Page with Redirect
  • Not found (404) 
  • Server error (505) 
  • Duplicate, Google chose a different canonical than the user 
  • Alternate page with proper canonical tag
  • Duplicate without user-selected canonical 
  • Blocked due to access forbidden (403) 

These features help you identify and fix page indexing issues on the website. Selecting these errors will allow more pages to appear on the Google search results page. 


Monitor Core Web Vitals

Core web vitals is a set of metrics that measures the user experience on each web page for a few different things: loading performance, interactivity, and visual stability. Strong core web vitals help provide a successful search experience on Google. Google Search Console reports your entire site’s mobile and desktop core web vitals. Once you dive into this report, you’ll gain some insight into why specific URLs rank where they are and assistance in identifying the particular issue. 


Work with Boston Web Marketing 

Google Search Console is an incredible tool for identifying keyword opportunities and improving your website’s SEO. If you need assistance in setting up this platform on your website and ensuring that everything is tracking correctly, contact us to get started at 857-526-0096 or fill out our online inquiry form

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