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Benefits of Facebook For Your Business

Facebook used to be known only for social purposes as it started as a social network, a way to keep in contact with people you may not see every day. Now, people are using it for their businesses and ways to grow their businesses. Many people overlook using Facebook for their business because of that social aspect. Starting a Facebook business page can be beneficial for your business.

Why You Should Get A Facebook Business Page

  • Brand awareness. This creates more knowledge of your brand, a way for people to really understand who you are & what you/your business do. It can help draw awareness to your business from brand recognization.
  • Affordable marketing. Facebook is a cheap way to market – it costs less than Google Ads and if you are targeting the right demographic then it can be just as beneficial.
  • See where your clients are. You are able to get insight into your audience – gender, age, demographic, and location – so that you know where to target your ads and where you spend your time. You can also see which posts your customers engage more with so you can tailor your posts to what your customers want to see.
  • Perform a competitive analysis. You can see people who like similar businesses so that you can see what holes they have in their marketing and ways to beat them.
  • People spend time on Facebook. Unlike a website, people are used to browsing on Facebook so they are more likely to poke around, learn about your business, & look at your pictures. By doing this you are guiding people to your business and what you want them to see.

By adding simple things to surround your business, with the potential to grow your business & get more clients, why wouldn’t you start a Facebook business page? When running a small business, you have limited time and money which is why there is no question as to why you shouldn’t start using Facebook business pages to help promote your own.

If you have questions about Facebook or want to help with marketing your business, contact us today or give us a call at 857-526-0096.

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