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Benefits of Blogging for Businesses

The focus of marketing & digital messaging is increasingly turning towards visual elements, including images & videos – But that doesn’t mean it’s time to forget about writing original content. If you dedicate time to the regular production of original blog content, your business is likely to see significant benefits.

Improve Search Engine Optimization

Blogging can improve your website’s search engine optimization in a couple of different ways. By regularly creating new blogs, you provide updated content for Google to index from your site. More site content drives more traffic. Blogs also allow you more opportunities to use your targeted keywords, as well as long trail search queries for higher rankings in more specified searches. When you answer specific questions with your posts, you are likely to be backlinked to by other sites & more users will pour over to you.

Establish Industry Authority

Blogging is a way for your brand to show that it stays up to date on industry news & trends. By sharing insights, you demonstrate your company’s expertise in your field. This will keep your name in mind for when a customer decides they are ready to buy – Increasing both your traffic & conversion rates. Backlinking from external sites also benefits you here – Being a reference for other sites builds your brand’s clout as an industry professional.

Humanize Your Business

Regularly blogging gives you a chance to create your brand’s voice & personality. Along with building industry authority, sharing expert information can lead to your brand being viewed as a resource for others in your field & an increase in engagement. When they are well written and provide valuable information to your followers, blog posts are more likely to start a conversation from comments or shares.

If you are struggling to regularly produce fresh content for your website, we can help! Contact Boston Web Marketing today for professional SEO services & more.

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