Benefits of Analytics Tracking

If business is thriving, you might think it is safe to assume that your online marketing practices are working well. To best optimize your brand’s potential, however, it is not enough to just assume – You should be tracking your progress with analytics data. There are various benefits to tracking your website, social media, and Google Analytics information by regularly checking your analytics data.


Your keywords should correspond with which search terms you want to drive traffic to your site. Tracking keywords in your analytics will tell you what search terms people are finding you with most frequently. You will also be able to track where you show up in keyword searches that are important to your business, and see if your SEO work is helping push you up in ranking. If you see that you want to increase site traffic within a certain area, you might add a blog post or service page containing the relevant keywords so that Google can better crawl this content.


Analytics tracking will tell you what channels people are most often finding your site through. Direct search means they are searching for your brand specifically, while organic search means they are finding you by searching your services. Other channels include accessing your site through social media or paid search ads.

Landing Pages

Tracking analytics can also tell you which landing pages your users are first accessing. This will tell you what products, brands, or services are most popular and what external links are being clicked on most. You can also track the bounce rate and see what percent of users are not taking action from the page they land on. This will tell you if you need to increase calls to action or further utilize internal linking.

Conversion Rates

You might find while tracking analytics that you are not achieving as many conversions as you would like to. If one of your goals is for users to join your email list and you see that they aren’t doing this, you will know that it might be time to add a pop up, coupon, or other way to encourage this action.


Is your site mobile friendly? If your visitors are mainly mobile users, you will especially want to make sure of this! Analytics data can tell you what percent of users are accessing your site via a mobile device, tablet, or desktop computer so that you can adjust site optimization accordingly.

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