Benefits of Adding Blog Categories

When it comes to your blog, adding a way to navigate and sift through content is important for the user experience. In WordPress sites, it is easy to implement a change by adding Categories to your content and sidebar.
When you add or edit a post, there is a panel called Categories on the lower right-hand side. This will show the existing categories built into your site, usually included with your theme. Delete any categories that are not relevant to your business, and click the +Add New Category button. Add as many categories as your blog requires. After you are done adding categories, go through each post to add categories to the entry. Make sure you hit the Publish button after adding categories to make the changes appear on your site.  To delete a category, click on the category name and hit the delete button that appears below. If you want to add a subcategory, label the main category as a Parent Category, then create subcategories as Child categories. The subcategory will appear with a dash in front of their name.
To have the categories show up on your blog for easy navigation, create a category widget. If it is available, click on the Category widget and drag it over to your widget area. You will need to expand a Widget box to properly add the widget. This will automatically add the widget to your sidebar or footer, making it easier for users to find the exact topic they are looking for.

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