Beneficial Ways to Gain More Email Subscribers

If you’re trying to gain more email subscribers, you may be having a difficult time. You might have to change up your strategy; the first step is to make sure that it’s very easy for people to sign-up to your mailing listing.

Ways to gain more email subscribers:

  • Install a plugin for pop-ups. You can add either a normal pop-up or an exit pop-up; whatever you feel might work best for your website. Exit-popups are useful for promoting deals and discounts.
  • Add a coupon code and offer a discount when users sign-up to your e-mail newsletter list. This will peak an interest in users if they feel like they are receiving something in return.
  • Give your user’s options of what they want and what they want to receive, allowing new people when they sign up to choose if they want to receive weekly or daily emails.
  • It may be beneficial and informative when people unsubscribe to your e-mail list to ask them why they’re leaving your newsletter list.
  • If you have a popular blog, you can add a simple email sign-up right after the blog.
  • If the idea of a pop up box is too annoying for you, adding in a top bar sign-up may be a better option for your website.
  • Adding an sign-up on Facebook is another place that give more users the option for subscribing to your mailing list. There is also a way to generate more Facebook likes using your e-mail list.

There are more ways as well to expand your e-mail list on social media as well, try to incorporate these strategies to gain a wider audience through your e-mail list.

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