Beginners Advice For Creating Facebook Ads

Facebook Advertising is an effective and popular form of online advertising that many businesses are trying out. The only problem is that if you have just started using it, it can be a bit confusing. What we want you to take out of this article are some important tips and advice that will result in a better understanding of the system and higher quality results for your ads.

Objective Of Your Ad: When going into Facebook advertising, you need to set a goal of what your objective is. You have the option to do a few things. Have an internal discussion and decide whether you want more traffic to your website, promotion of a product, more likes to your current Facebook page or a boost on a Facebook post so more people see it.

Campaign: When you begin to create a new campaign, you have the option to create a budget. This is important in the case you have multiple ads running on a daily spend. This way if the ads (with their own budget) rack up a cost, they will never go over an overall set budget.

Ad Set: Group up different ads within your ad sets. Name them appropriately to avoid any confusion and to make checking back on your progress as each as possible.

Budget: You have the option to set up a daily or a lifetime budget along with an end date. There is a minimum budget of $5 per day. A daily budget is usually a more efficient way to spend on your ad over a period of time.

Audience: After setting up different sections and budgets, you need to make sure that your ads hit the correct target audience. You have the option to customize your audience by:

  • Location
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Interest’s in specific topics

It’s important to trim down your audience to ensure you’re not wasting money on people who aren’t interested in what you’re offering.

Placement: When creating Facebook Ads, you have the option to post them on different places. You have the option to let Facebook choose your placement off their algorithm or you can choose between:

  • Mobile News Feed
  • Instagram
  • Audience Network
  • Desktop News Feed
  • Desktop Right Column

The best way to succeed with Facebook Ads is to get in there and test everything you can. For a basic run through with steps to make a Facebook Ad, click here.


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