Be Neat With Notegraphy

We’ve heard time and time again that it is important to utilize social media networks in your SEO and online marketing efforts, but we also know that sometimes we hit a slump in creativity with topics and information to post about.  However, when you do find those creative juices flowing that allow you to interact with your followers and audience, why not take the next step to stand out even more?  Notegraphy is a fairly new web and mobile application that gives your social media posts uniqueness and character through their appearance.  This App can almost be considered the Instagram of text, as it allows you to write and publish everything you want to share with others with special style.  Background color, design, font style and more; you have the ability as a company or brand to customize each post to reflect your image and personality.  It is pretty amazing how such a simple thing can set you apart and catch the eye of more people than your initial following included.  So why not give it a shot? You may be surprised at the growing interest you see from others in your business simply because of that little extra effort to stand out.


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