Be Careful of These Website Redesigns That Can Destroy SEO

Website design is a crucial part of your business as well as your SEO. Your website is the first impression consumers get of your company & the bulk of SEO rankings come from the layout & other factors within your website. If you are designing your own website or working for someone else’s company then you know that website design has to change constantly to keep up with the times. Google releases updates & algorithm changes very frequently, & a company never wants to have an outdated website. However, if you are not careful, changes to your website can actually negatively impact SEO.

Image name changing

If your website is doing well in the SERPS, this means that most of the things for your website are working. A small adjust such as changing the names of your images can actually lead to a deduction of your SEO & you could find yourself dropping a couple of spots! Always remember alt texts & image name are important & get overlooked sometimes because of how minute of a detail they are. If you have a good ranking with all of your image names your best bet is to leave them alone.

Deleting pages & URLs

A website has to grow, this is what can increase traffic to your site & what can make you more conversions. Part of website maintenance is to take off old pages & add new ones. However, this can be a risky move if it is not done correctly & hurt your SEO. When you delete a webpage you must change the URL, if you do not, then people will click on the link which would take them to a page that has an error. This, of course, is bad for SEO but it gets even worse! If this page has good SEO & you do not redirect it you will lose all the SEO points it gave to your site. This, of course, means you can drop dramatically in the SERPS!

WordPress plugins

If you are updating your site there is a high possibility you have to disable some plugins & add some new ones to the backend of WordPress. If you make changes & do not turn your plugins back on this can be extremely harmful to your SEO. Remember to retrace your steps before making your site go live after editing! We hope these tips will be very helpful & will prevent you from making common SEO mistakes.



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