Why Aren’t My Backlinks Improving Off-Page SEO?

Backlinks, either through directories or authoritative sites, are some of the most effective off-page SEO tools to improve your site’s ranking. However, sometimes marketers may not see their desired results or website rank improvements after completing a back-linking campaign to their website.

The reason for this is that Google and other search engines not only rank sites based on the quantity of their backlinks, but also the quality of the sites that redirect to your website/landing page. This means that your backlinking campaign may have ran into the following issues or complications once you launched it:

Your backlinks aren’t high-quality or authoritative for off-page SEO

Backlinks from authoritative domains, directories, or other sites are more likely to get indexed and rank your site higher than lower-quality links.

Whenever you attempt to increase off-page links to your website, you’ll want to make sure that the quality of your backlinks is as high as possible. Authoritative domains have been found to dramatically increase the rank of websites. An example of a good authoritative domain includes a leading industry-followed organization, publication, data repository, or directory.

However, a strong back-linking campaign also requires a high-volume of related backlinks and domains.

Your don’t have as nearly backlinks as competitors and may need more off-page citations

In addition to high-quality backlinks, you’ll probably need to improve the total number of off-page citations and backlinks to match your competitors.

Sometimes, your competitor could have a couple hundred to a few thousand links due to links used for online content, directory listings, and other authoritative links. Even with a few high-quality links, your competitor is going to have more frequently backlinked and indexed pages/websites.

When possible, consult an SEO specialist to see where you could potentially improve backlink and citation opportunities for your site.

You don’t consistently add new citations or backlink when possible

The most important part of earning high-quality citations, as well as a high volume of backlinks, is to keep finding opportunities when possible.

A “set it and forget it” backlinking strategy is not going to be helpful for boosting the off-page SEO of your website and other content pages. If you can, try and use any available tools or software to find new backlink opportunities. Sites that have more frequently updated citations are generally going to perform better than competitors.

Backlinking campaigns take significant time to complete and are never really finished as more and more off-page opportunities increase. If you have further questions about how to improve your off page SEO, contact Boston Web Marketing at 857-526-0096!

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