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We know that social media networks are unbelievably popular for sharing news, photos, and more amongst friends, and we are also aware of the efforts of many businesses to use these outlets with the hope of gaining further interest and clients. Acquiring more and more friends and followers is all well and good, but there are also two specific areas of SEO interest that have the potential to benefit companies with the help of social media.  Back-links and blogs are both very useful and encouraged in the online marketing world for businesses, but they must be made and used correctly.

When considering this topic, the main thing to remember is interest: Who is going to be interested in your company/services? Who would want to read your blog and will go back again to see what you are discussing?  And, who feels good enough about your business that they are willing to share a link to your website or even your blog with people that they know who might be interested as well?  Social media communities like Facebook and Twitter allow companies to reach out to specific people and/or groups that might enjoy or need your particular services.

For instance, say you own a high-end clothing boutique outside of Boston.  You might ask some of your friends on Facebook, specifically those who live reasonable close and would shop at your boutique, to “like” your business page.  You offer a link to your blog on your Facebook page where you post everything from information on the latest designers you’re selling to photos and news about the most popular styles that have just arrived in the store.  Your average “fashionista” will want to make sure she stays up-to-date with your store’s trends and so will her friends of similar taste. Before you know it, some of your friends are sharing this link with other people they know, more people are visiting your Facebook page and clicking on that link to visit your blog or website, and some are even writing down the address you have listed to come and visit your store.

You probably wouldn’t have such luck if you simply began adding random people to your Facebook community just for the sake of looking more popular because of your large number of friends (some think that this is all they need to get the additional coverage and results they want).  Using this approach and just providing a link to your Blog and/or your website and hoping that someone will click on them is doubtfully going to yield similar results.  Targeting the right people and making substantial connections can only help you and your online exposure.  You may even find other people with similar interests that are willing to work with you, agreeing to exchange links to help promote each other.  It is all about your goals and approach in the social media world that will determine whether or not things such as your company’s blog or number of back-links have the potential to expand in this particular venue.


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