Avoiding Duplicate Content Issues With Multi-Location Businesses

It can often be difficult for companies with multiple locations to come up with unique, evergreen content for each induvial location. For large brands with tons of locations, it can be hard to not violate googles duplicate content algorithm when creating pages for each location.

Although your brand and services may be nearly identical across your multiple locations there are a few things you can do to help improve your businesses location pages and avoid them being filtered out or worse flagged for duplicate content.


Testimonials are unique to each location your business may have. By including testimonials on your location pages you can still pick up on keywords including your services as well as locations. You can also then respond to these reviews resulting in even more rich content for your pages.

Include Directions

Each one of your business locations has its own specific directions. So, another way to add unique content to your location pages is to include directions to that specific location. In addition to including a map on your location page write out driving directions, not only will this give you unique content on your page it will also be helpful to users looking to find your location.

Create Employee Bios

Most likely each location will have unique employees, by creating employee bios for each location you can add unique content to location pages. Adding detailed employee bios gives you a natural way to include keywords on the site as well as geographical areas.

Use photos

Instead of using the same generic photos for each location page, use unique photos specific to each location. Not only will thing be more interesting to users (and Google) it will create more brand awareness of what each of your locations looks like. Use photos of the front of the office/store as well as inside, parking, neighborhood, employees, customers, products/services, unique to each location. Photos allow you to add atl text and descriptive keywords to the file name.

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