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Avoid These SEO Content Mistakes

We are all familiar with the blackhat SEO tactics that are sometimes used to quickly gain rankings- keyword stuffing, manipulative links, etc. With Google constantly updating its algorithm, other tactics that once worked may no longer be as effective. It’s important to produce content that supports Google’s mission of creating a high-quality user search experience. Learn more about Google’s algorithm updates and mistakes to avoid when producing content. 

Bad SEO Content Practices

No H2 or H3 Headings

Featured snippets, which we will talk about later, can be created using headings. Not only are they good keyword opportunities, but they help break up text for the reader and make the article easier to read. For Google, headings help with the structure of the page and indicate what the page is about. 

Duplicate Content

Rephrasing or repeating the same block of text on pages throughout your site is called duplicate content. It is one of the tactics that Google explicitly calls out for being bad. If Google sees duplicate content, it will determine that the page is unique and may even omit it from search results completely. 

Poor Citations

Using links to other sites that are not reputable in Google’s eye can have a negative impact on your site. Links to other reputable sites can help prove the information on your page is credible and relevant. Good quality links include sites that are relevant to yours and are from trustworthy sources.  

Good SEO Practices

Local Content

Use geographical keywords to help optimize your site for local search. Writing content that is based on local events or news can also help to boost this. You don’t need to have a brick-and-mortar business to still optimize for local search. Many users will still search locally, depending on where you are located. 

Featured Snippets

Featured snippets are used to answer a user’s question quickly. They can come in many forms and, in many cases, can increase the number of clicks and traffic to your site.

To optimize for featured snippets, utilize headings (as mentioned earlier) and provide direct answers. It also helps to conduct research to see if there are already featured snippets for certain queries you want to rank for. 

Update Old Content

Old content can become “stale,” meaning the information is outdated or untrue. If traffic dies down to a certain page, it can be assumed that the information is no longer relevant to users or the search intent has changed. Be sure to regularly review your content to make sure it stays up to date. 

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