How to Avoid the Challenges of a New Website

Websites are a crucial part of every business. They convey to a large group of users what products or services your company offers them. That’s why it is important to constantly keep your website up-to-date and fresh with new content for users. However, over time a website can begin to slow down and negatively affect your user’s experience. Therefore, updating or transitioning to a new website after years of publications can be just what your business needs! This article will discuss the biggest challenges when creating a new website and how to effectively avoid them.

Website Traffic Drop

One of the biggest challenges when transitioning to a new website is a decrease in traffic. Now that your website has changed, search engines will need time to process the newly built site to rank you in search results properly. Typically you will always see a small drop off in traffic, however, you can avoid having a large drop off from occurring. The best way to avoid a large traffic drop-off is by staying consistent between websites. You want to make sure your content has been properly transferred over from one website to the next whilst implementing proper SEO Strategies. Keeping your information consistent can also help preserve your current search result rankings and lessen the blow you may receive when transitioning websites.

Properly Format your web pages

Your new website should be more advanced than your previous one, meaning all your web pages should be properly formatted. A new website usually means you have access to better features, structures, and widgets than your last one. Therefore, you should take advantage of these new features by creating an amazing user experience. You can keep the same content from your previous website whilst also improving the look and feel of the new webpage. Don’t let your newly gained features go to waste, instead, let your creativity shine through to your audience!

Make the Change Known

Another mistake that can hurt the launch of your new website is not making the change known. Tell your current customers and users that you will be making the change to a new website. You can reach out to customers in a multitude of ways. Such as creating an email newsletter, postings on social media, a message in your old website header, and much more. There are many ways to get the message out about your new website, so make sure you do your best to make the change known!

Make a Smooth Website Transition

To make the change as seamless as possible make sure to utilize redirect links. Redirects allow older links to be redirected to a new webpage or website entirely. So make the transition even easier by incorporating redirects wherever you see fit. To avoid all these challenges entirely contact Boston Web Marketing. Their specialized web development team can create a beautiful website whilst utilizing all the best SEO strategies! They’ll preserve your search rankings to the best of their ability so that you don’t have to worry about a massive traffic drop.

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