How Can I Avoid Losing My Facebook Followers to Other Social Media Platforms?

Within recent years, studies have shown that Facebook’s growth has been driven by older users, and younger audiences have transitioned to other, seemingly hipper social media platforms like Snapchat.
According to new research from eMarketer, Facebook is losing younger users at a faster rate to Snapchat.  Snap is anticipating about 1.9 million new users in comparison to an expected 1.6 million new users on Facebook’s child platform Instagram.
Facebook is still your top priority to reach a range of audience members, but you don’t want to lose your younger followers to other platforms that might become more popular over time.
How do you retain your current following on Facebook?  Make sure to share fun and engaging content, and keep that content short and simple.
Snapchat is known for being a “fun” app where users are looking to be entertained, and not necessarily informed.  While you do want to illustrate your brand as an industry expert on Facebook, be sure to mix up your content with photos from on-the-job tasks and company events to add personality to your timeline.
Along with blogs posts and photos, you also want to include video content as a part of your social media strategy.  You only get 10 seconds on Snapchat to get your point across, and your video content on Facebook doesn’t have to be that short, but you do want to capture your audience with to-the-point visuals.
While your video content on Facebook can be minutes and not seconds long, be sure you’re not giving your users an hour-long film on why your brand is the “best” and instead provide mini-series of 5-10-minute videos and hook your audience with “stay tuned” calls to action.
Using Facebook as a platform to promote your brand does not have to be strictly industry news.  Social media is about being social, so use popular platforms to not only just promote your business, but also give your users content that best illustrates your brand’s personality.

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