How Can I Avoid Common Web Design Mistakes That Can Hurt SEO?

There are many common web design mistakes that can brutally hurt your SEO. Some can seem very minor but can actually have a very large negative impact on your site. Check your website for these following common mistakes!


H1 Tags

H1 Tags are one of the first elements search engines crawl for. They use these to determine what the page is about. Having an H1 tag can improve your chance of ranking higher in search results. H1 Tags also help users understand what the web page is about very quickly.


Large Images & Media Files

Although images do help make your website look amazing, including a lot of large images and videos can slow down the speed of your site, resulting in lower rankings. Before uploading images and videos, optimize them by reducing the size with sites such as



Google is very keen on user experience, especially when it comes to mobile usage. When popups appear before your visitors can access the content on the page, it can cause them to leave your site very quickly, negatively impacting your SEO.


Alt Text

Search Engines can’t “see” images like users can, so they read the text that is associated with the image. Make sure every image on your site has alt text associated with it.


Thin Content

Product and service pages are the most important pages on your website because they use your target keywords. The best SEO practice is to have one idea/keyword per page. This way it makes it extremely clear to search engines what each page is about so they can rank it accordingly. These pages should also be full of content. Write pages that include the keyword that you’re focusing on, and be sure to include the benefits of using your products or services!

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