Automatic Full-Screen Support For Instagram Stories

Instagram is emerging as one of the top advertising platforms for businesses across all the industries. While you can  advertise as a traditional post and a story post, an Instagram story post has often been neglected as there are more restrictions and limitations when it comes to posting ads on your Instagram story.

Over the years, Instagram has evolved from just a 1:1 ratio. The evolution has progressed from square to landscape and portrait content, and now full screen stories are also supported on the image-sharing app.

Very recently, Instagram has announced that when people want to upload ads that are either square or landscape, Instagram technology will automatically transform it into a full-screen creative.

This change will apply to both a traditional image ad or a 15-second max video. The caption for the ad will appear right under the creative itself. The ad will appear like this:

instagram story ad

It’s worth noting that the swiping up feature will also be available on these story ads.

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