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Creating content for social media is an important part of the SEO process. Improving your search ranking depends on consistently adding your company’s content to the web, and social media platforms offer a great place to put both your freshest content and links back to your site. The trouble is that a social media strategy that engages customers and regularly adds content demands regular maintenance. Using your social media on a mobile device helps make that process easier. Now, Facebook has rolled out a tool that makes managing your social media content more convenient.

Facebook now allows users to schedule posts up to six months in advance, and scheduled posts can appear as frequently as every 15 minutes. This can lead to engaging your Facebook followers through things like countdowns to an event or games and questions that will lead to your followers interacting with your Facebook page, and hopefully your website, more often.

While this feature opens the door to creative uses of Facebook, the most practical use of the feature is to set up regular status updates that will keep customers informed of what is happening at your business. Posting weekly or daily updates requires taking time out of your schedule each time you need to update your Facebook page in order to post the update.  The post scheduling tool means that all your posts for a week, or month, or longer, can be written in advance. This will allow you to both plan and launch your social media strategy more effectively by cutting out the gap between the creation and implementation of a social media strategy.

While the post scheduling tool allows you to write and post social media content well in advance of the time it will be posted, it is not a “set-and-forget” solution to social media involvement. The post scheduling tool only works on one platform, and engaged users will be involved with your page even if you are not checking it and are simply relying on your preset posts. Checking your page and getting involved with users will lead to more followers to your page and your site.  Post scheduling gives you a tool to plan and implement a long term social media strategy that involves a consistent stream of fresh content. This will help make your day-to-day social media engagement run smoothly, as you can work inside of a plan that is already in place.


-Andrew Wise


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