Audit Your Website for Mobile-Friendliness

As desktop usage keeps decreasing day by day, people are browsing on their mobile device than ever before. In other words, consumer demand for a mobile-friendly website is higher than ever. Needless to mention, mobile usability is a known SEO ranking factor. There is a variety of ways to test if your website is mobile responsive & mobile-friendly, let’s explore the options:

Load the Website on a Mobile Device

It’s always best to take a look at a real mobile device to check and see how your website looks and how easy or hard it is to navigate. This will get a first-hand experience on how your website performs! This will give you insight if your website is easy to use on a cell phone. Make sure various elements are clickable and the content is easy to consume.

Inspect Tool

Bring your website up in Chrome and right-click to Inspect the page. When a developer tool pops up, you’ll see a choice of devices to view as. Not only can you view as mobile, but you may also pick a specific device model and see how different your website looks on iPhone X or iPhone 6, for instance.

From there you can evaluate how it looks. Does your website look correct? Is it cut off on one side or the other? Does the menu/navigation bar function? If your website doesn’t look or function correctly, this is a good indication that your website isn’t mobile-friendly.

Test with Google

Google offers a mobile-friendly test where you can test your website with Google to see if Google says it’s mobile-friendly. You simply paste your website’s URL into the space that’s given, then you click “Analyze.” Very quickly, Google will let you know if your website is mobile-friendly or not. If it’s not then you will also get a few reasons on why and what you can do to fix the website.

How to Make Your Website More Mobile-Friendly

A common question is, can a website be fixed so it is mobile friendly? The answer is yes, but sometimes it can be harder than others. Either way, mobile-friendly is a big ranking factor in how your website is currently ranking on Google and other search engines because of how many people are searching on a mobile device.

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