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You can optimize your site for search engines endlessly, but unless the content is appearing in front of the right sets of eyes, you won’t see any conversions.  That’s why it’s important to make sure while you’re optimizing for search engines, you are also trying your best to optimize your audience. If you’re interested in learning more about researching your analytics, keep reading to learn more!

Using Analytics To Identify Whose Visiting Your Site

The first step to leveraging your audience is to understand who your current audience is! Visiting your site’s analytics is the first place you should start! This will help you learn who your current audience is, which can help you align your goals and help you learn where you need to be using your resources & focusing your attention. You may take a look at your analytics and realize that your current audience is not what you envision your target audience as.

Analyze Your Competitors

Another strategy for analyzing your potential audience is to take a look at the audiences of your competition. Looking at the audience of your competition can help you learn where your audience is deficient, compared to what your potential target audience should look like. If you find that your competition performs better within specific demographics, you can take a look at your campaigns and see if there are any deficiencies that are limiting you from taking advantage of the same demographics.

Check Your Social Traffic

While you are taking a look at your site’s analytics, be sure to also take a look at your social media traffic.  Depending on your industry, you may find that your social media traffic looks far different than your websites. Furthermore, there are tools that allow you to look at your competitor’s demographics, as well as what users are talking about, which can help you target keywords that you may have missed!

See What Users Are Asking About

Finally, one of the best ways to target demographics that you may have missed is to use tools that help you show what long-tail queries users are searching for related to your business. You may find that there are long-tail queries in your industry that you had not targetted at all, which means you may have been missing out on traffic to your site. Learn what users are searching for in order to help you optimize the content you are producing.

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