Are your Keyword Rankings Fulfilling Their Real Potential?

Most companies believe that high keyword ranking leads to success because they rank first. It is important to understand that just because your ranking is high, doesn’t necessarily mean the keywords meet the standards of what the user is looking for.

Don’t get caught under the impression that high volume keywords are what you should strive for. What should come to your attention is what you are gaining from these keywords. Are they producing traffic? Are the keywords leading to a higher return on investment? This is what should matter to you as an SEO expert. If you are simply optimizing for keyword volume and not traffic expansion and production of sales then you are not using keyword ranking to your advantage.

How do you take advantage of keyword ranking?

First, you must develop a strategy to optimize your keyword tracking to its full potential. This means being strategic with the keywords you decide to track. Not all keywords need to be tracked. The keywords that deserve the most attention are those that produce conversions to your site and long-tailed queries. Whatever keywords you see that achieves any kind of traffic or conversions to your site should be tracked.

It is important to also consider query chains, here’s why. Many times query chains hold essential information in regards to what the users purpose is. An example of this can be the search term mouse a user could purposely be searching for the rodent mouse or be searching for the computer accessory mouse. It all depends on what the previous query would have been.

To gain the success of keyword ranking it is pertinent that we remember what the end goal is. The all end goal is to bring traffic, visits and revenue to your client.After all, this is the reason for SEO. We optimize to produce results for our clients, by using these tactics you can be sure to fulfill the objective of your clients.


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