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A recent article addressed the concept and use of visualization for companies and brands who strive to attract an audience online.  Whether these optical efforts are on a simple or complex scale, the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words,” can really take on a whole new meaning for online marketers.
The human brain can more easily process information that is presented in the form of an image rather than that which includes numbers or words.  From an SEO standpoint, these numbers and especially words are obviously necessary, as textual content truly is the key for success, but it is also important to incorporate visually appealing components through each avenue as well.
Simple visual contributions could be anything from providing your company or brand’s logo (and in this case, the more unique and memorable the better) on listing sites to uploading various business-related photos on networks like Google+ or Facebook.  Facebook Camera or Instagram are especially valuable sources to use, as their overall purpose is to gather a group of followers based primarily on what images are shared.  A company can easily utilize this program by displaying interesting shots of products, completed projects, company events and more that attract others and stir up interest.
Though not as common or easily obtained, complex visualization efforts can also be put forth by companies who are really hoping to achieve that extra “wow” factor to help make themselves memorable and pursued.  I’m sure we have all imagined and created in our minds our dream house or car, or even something as simple the perfect dress or pair of shoes.  Auto dealerships are a great example of a company that sometimes utilizes the more complex side of visualization by providing a tool online that allows a user to customize and build their own vehicle with all of their own specifications. Rather than causing the visitor to experience information overload while scanning through pages of lifeless text, this allows them to engage with graphics and thus sparks a greater interest in the product (in this case, a car)that they are seeking to buy.
Various marketing methods exist and are initiated by companies in an effort to achieve more exposure online and in turn more business.  Obviously visuals alone won’t do the trick, but they certainly help and can sway a potential customer to remember and therefore choose your company or brand over another.
-Casey Guntlow


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