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Are you Making These Mistakes on your Business’s Facebook Page?

Facebook has been around for years, and to have a successful social media strategy, you will need to have a presence on Facebook. That being said, certain techniques are beneficial, and others can hinder your page’s performance. Learn more about the practices you should avoid when it comes to your business’s Facebook page to have a successful social media strategy.

Having an Inconsistent Brand Voice

All businesses need to have personalities in order to gain loyalty from their audience. If that personality is inconsistent on different platforms or separate from their values, consumers won’t want to learn more, and they won’t take your business seriously.

Focus on the values that make your business unique and what you want your audience to know. From there, center all of your posts around those values.  

Avoiding Ads

Utilizing ads is imperative for small businesses. It’s the most effective way to receive traffic from an audience that is outside of the one searching for you. Facebook Ads allow you to choose audiences that have specific demographics, interests, and purchasing habits.

Also, testing out different versions of ads can help save you a ton of money in the long run. Your ad may be more effective with a different image, but you will never know until you test it out. 

Not Trying New Things

Not experimenting with different types of posts can be detrimental to your page. This includes various types of content, such as videos or Facebook Stories. There are many competitors within all kinds of industries, so it’s important not always to play it safe. Doing something different can help you stand out against your competitors and receive more notice from the audience. Different types of content always have the chance to go viral, depending on how well they’re received and how creative they are. 

Lacking Consistency & Creativity

Consistency is key when it comes to social media. If you dont post frequently enough, you will lose the interest of your followers, and if you post too often, they will become annoyed. With Facebook, it’s recommended to post 3-5 times per week, around the same time each day. Certain external tools can tell you the best times to post based on your industry and audience. 

Creativity goes along with posting different types of content. Experiment with different contests, user-generated content, and overall different types of engagement on your page. You want your audience to know you’re approachable, so be sure to answer any questions that get asked. 

Run a Successful Facebook Page with Boston Web Marketing

Social media, in general, can be overwhelming, and when you’re running a business, it can be the last thing on your mind. Let the experts at Boston Web Marketing do the heavy lifting for you. We can do everything from creating your social media accounts to posting daily while providing you with helpful analytics to show the growth. Tell us about your social media goals today.

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