Are you in the Endgame now? SEO trends that have become outdated

Have you noticed a drop in your organic traffic, but you are putting large amounts of effort into your SEO? If you are a fan of the Avengers movies then you know sometimes things can turn to dust in an instant, SEO follows the same rules!  Over time some SEO tactics actually become outdated & will give your website less ranking power or in some cases can actually harm your website? SEO trends are always moving so it is important that you make sure you are moving with them.

Are you using too many Keywords?

This may seem counter-intuitive, however, overusing specific keywords in your content or on your website can actually lower your SEO. Over time Google has made adjustments to how people should use keywords on their sites. The main goal is no longer to have as many keywords on a page at one time. To fix this use your keyword only when it makes sense & when it is necessary. A good flowing blog will rank higher than a blog that is stuffed with keywords!

Are you writing for a human audience?

When writing a piece of content you should be writing for it to be read by humans & not Googles robots. A trend that some people caught on to is to write in a way that would be easy for the google bots to crawl over, in hopes of giving you a higher ranking. This is not the case anymore; writing a cohesive piece of content that is informative & easy to read will rank higher on your site.

Are you targeting exact match queries?

Exact match queries was a tactic that was used in listing & directories to give you extra SEO juice when someone would look up your site with its URL. However, Google does not reward exact matches as highly as they used to do. If you are still using this old outdated tactic it is time that you switched your process on tracking the traffic to your site!

Overall Bad content

Are you trying to hit a set number of blogs per day? If you are but you are just putting out bad blogs then all you are doing is hurting yourself. Google bots now understand how to read content more in-depth & will give you a low ranking score if your content is not up to its new standards. Some things to look out for when writing content.

  • Blogs at least 400 words & relevant with keywords
  • FAQ 300 words
  • All forms of content should have some type of link (internal or External)
  • Meta Title & Description need to be filled out.

If you had any of these problems before, we hope our article will help you out! If you have any more questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at 857.526.0096

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