Are There New URL Options For Google My Business?

Google has added a new feature to their Google My Business platform. This feature gives business owners of local businesses in specific categories, like restaurants and offices with appointments, to add new URLs to their profiles. These new URLs can be hyperlinks to send searchers directly to a landing page where they can take specific actions.
For those who are not yet privy to these new changes, you can read the help center article. This was updated by the search engine giant to help explain the steps to owners on how to add these new features. To reiterate, this new feature is not for every local business, but those in specific categories.
The actions that you can add URLs for include:

  • booking an appointment
  • placing an order
  • reserving a table
  • searching for items
  • viewing menus of restaurants

These new features are a great way to give users the information they need at a moment’s notice while at the same time increasing your lead generation. As searchers will go directly to your contact form as well as additional contact information to receive your business’s services.

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