Are There New Ad Layouts In Instagram Stories?

Publishers and marketers that use Instagram as a platform to get their ads to the masses will rejoice with the latest announcement from the photo-sharing service. Instagram has announced that a new ad unit is coming to the stories section of Instagram. This new unit can now allow marketers to feature up to three pieces of media per stories ad. These three pieces of media will be displayed in a carousel-style format. With users being able to tap through, swipe back and forth or pause the content.
Before, Instagram stories ads were limited to either one video or one photo per ad. With this new unit giving the option of three pieces of media, advertisers can show either three of the same type of media or a combination of both pictures or video. This gives publishers a larger canvas to work on with getting their stories across to the masses. Whether they have a video to be shown in three parts or a story in a picture slideshow, there are now going to be endless opportunities on how to showcase their ads.
Carousel stories ads are slowly being rolled out to a limited group of big named advertisers such as Coca-Cola, Renault, and Paramount. With this slow roll out and testing period, the social media platform can learn how users and brands engage with the new unit. That way they can make adjustments before making carousel ads more widely available.

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